Monitoring the web for every little mention of your business or your name is not really something most of us have time to do. There are just so many other things that need to be done.

The bad news is that while these little mentions might seem harmless, one or two have the power to cost you potential customers or your job.

A survey conducted revealed that 80% of prospects will choose the competition if they find even just ONE bad review about a business. That’s four out of five of your potential customers out the door before they even reach it!

Depending on the industry, a harmful statement on the internet could cost an individual their current job or a new job opportunity.

The good news is there’s a tool that can help! Repwarn will monitor mentions of your business or your name for you so you don’t miss any mention or conversation.

A bad review is not the end of the world. As long as you’re able to get to the reviewers promptly and get a conversation going, you can change their minds and turn the sentiment around.

Check out a brilliant case study done on Qantas airlines and how they were able to turn a bad review into GREAT publicity!


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